The EPH Consultative Conference took place in Berlin-Potsdam 7-9 November2011

EPH Annual Meetings on environment and public health in Europe


Brandenburg Hall of the State Chancellery in Potsdam

bringing together scientists, professionals and policy makers



You can download here the official invitation letter and announcement, and the preliminary scientific programme.


The EPH Office in Brussels released weekly in September and October 2011 news on the Berlin-Potsdam EPH Consultation Conference through a special temporary Brussels Weekly Brief






7-9 November 2011


Looking forward into the future of EU Policy

The place where professionals meet on environment & health in Europe


Environment and Public Health

in Modern Society

EPHmodern 2011


Consultative Conference

State of the art on
research, policy and prevention
in environment & health
within the European Union

high level conference

of the EPH Community

Brandenburg Hall, Potsdam

at the State Chancellery in Potsdam


with the Support & Patronage of the Land Brandenburg Ministry of

Economic and European Affairs and the Land Brandenburg Ministry of

Environment, Health and Consumers Protection,


supported by the

HealthCapital -  Biotop



The European Society for Research & Prevention

on Environment and Health

(European S.R.E.H.)





The EPH General Framework :

The EPH Annual Expert Conferences present the EPH matrix structure for research and prevention1 in memory of Lorenzo Tomatis, former Director of the I.A.R.C. (Lyon)[1] 

at the vertical line : 


covers basic research, mechanisms of disease causation;



covers risk assessment, human and ecosystem bio-monitoring ,

surveillance and data management; health benefits evaluation.



covers knowledge based prevention, and E & H policy instruments,

including awareness, training & precaution.

at the horizontal line :  

Specific emerging themes & translate science into policy development. They are handled in specific greet & meet sessions[2], as well as in poster sessions, in the annual meetings. You may call them cross-reference bricks of EPH.


The Berlin-Potsdam 2011 EPH Consultative Framework :

how we proceed ?

The Berlin-Potsdam EPH Consultative Meeting has two parts: one section with half day plenary sessions presenting the three EPH PILLARS (FOCUS 1, 2, and 3); the second section with EPH Working Meetings (in plenary, as greet & meet sessions on specific selected EPH themes of priority setting within the EU, each chaired by one or two expert. The Chairperson will introduce for discussion a specific work plan (ideas) of possible priority setting for 2012-2013 within the EPH Community Executive Structure, preparing as well for the 2012 and 2013 Annual Meetings. During this session also several short oral presentations (individual statements) are given, selected from the submitted proposals and abstracts. Each EPH platform meeting (within FORUM I, II, III) has some time for discussion and preparing specific tasks. On Thursday 10 November informal groups may still organize work meetings.


The Chairperson(s) of the specific meeting sessions will be responsible for EPH networking in their field of competence and try to exploit the results of the EU funded projects & networks, and carry out a mandate for two consecutive years.


EPH will report the results of both the 2nd High Level Expert Meeting in 2010 and the outcome of the Berlin-Potsdam Consultative Conference to the relevant services of the European Union and through a special publication (EPH Monograph Series)


During the Berlin-Potsdam Conference also in a first step the EPH Executive Structure will be established linked to the outcome of the first Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010 (EHAP) of the European Commission, the new plans, and the EPH Brussels Statement on Environment and Public Health in Modern Society (2010).


EPH Organizing Body

Berlin/Brussels, 3 October 2011

[1] IARC equals International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO), located in Lyon, France.

[2] Priority issues at European level are: early life impact of pollution on reproduction and human health, nanotechnology and particles, nutrition and climate change/weather events, housing and IAQ, urban & regional policy, social justice, mental health & the (built) environment, among others. They will be presented in a follow-up at each annual meeting of EPH the following years in association with learned societies and EU funded projects/networks.



The EPHmodern

Annual Conferences[1]


- bring together key players from European society, urban areas, and regions


- interlink EU and otherwise funded projects and networks

- involve professionals and policy makers at all levels

- build a better IT basis for the EPH Community & partners


- organise a realistic EPH working and executive structure


- contribute to the role and responsibility of the EU in development cooperation


- bring together the environmental health professionals and research associations from various EU

 member-states, countries and regions

[1] Summarized by Jim Bridges (2010) for the 2nd High Level Expert Meeting, hosted by the European Union Committee of the Regions (Brussels, 8-10 November 2010)


EPH is a network linking scientists and professionals across various research and professional fields with the participation of representatives within local, regional (subnational and national), European and international authorities. EPH aims at improving and protecting human health, analizing and  protecting where needed the ecosystems, and linking initiatives into global alliance (LiGA). EPH refers to the first Global and European Declaration on Environment and Public Health in Modern Society (EPH Declaration), issued on October 30, 1993 on behalf and with the support of EU and UN Organizations.
 EPH Antwerp Declaration


A Second "European" High Level Expert Meeting and EPH Conference took place in Brussels in 2010, hosted by the European Union, and leading to the EPH Brussels Statement on Environment and Public Health within the European Union.


EPH Brussels Statement


Assistance to EPH Working Groups & Parties

facilitators & coordination groups being designated


The EPH Potsdam Work Programme


The EPH office follows up day to day practical development of the new EPH Working Groups/Working Parties facilitators & chairpersons.  The Groups are being established during the following weeks and months.

Main tasks for the Working Groups/Parties will be to prepare their EPH Seminars or interlinked symposia at the forthcoming annual meetings in 2012 and 2013. Also the coordination groups for each theme or major subject will establish step-by-step an appropriate EPH Platform in conjuntion with existing EU committees, instances, and actors.

The work is guided by the Procurator of the European S.R.E.H., established at the Federal Research Foundation in Brussels and by the Chair of the EPH Expert Panels, as well as by the EPH Organizing Body and EPH Core Group (list of members to be published soon).

An EPH Expert Panel of 40 personalities guides at present the EPH Programme/Platform development (see above). From March 2012 on a team of facilitators and advisors in various fields of E & H research and prevention will execute the EPH Potsdam Work Programme leading to Working Parties and various open platforms within the European Union.


our responsability to protect public health and future generations


Become an EPH donor for independent science & knowledge based prevention platforms in the European Union, with an open scope to social & sustainable development at local & global scale. Donors can also conytribute financially to basic research, and translating basic research


Become a regular member at no costs with benefits or a full member with extensive benefits.


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EPH Programme/Platform

in the European Union



each year in another Member-State or Region of the European Union

Announcement November 2012 expected soon

European Society for Research & Prevention
on Environment and Health

Registered Office at the

Federal Research Foundation
in Brussels, Belgium (EU)

includes the Exchange Platform

on Health and Environment (Ephe)

of the European Professionals on

Health and Environment